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Recent Events

December 2020 

Biology Practical Dissection Session


December 2020 

Christmas Jumper Day


September 2020 

Conquering the Mighty Concha...


May 2020 

Graduation Ceremony 2020...

This year's graduation ceremony was a little different from previous years, but no less enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved.

We wish all our graduates from the Class of 2020 all the luck in the world as they set off on the next leg of life's adventure.


March, April & May 2020

Carry On Regardless. Emerald Online...

Despite the interruption to normal schooling, brought about by the covid-19 pandemic and all the upheaval that has brought to our lives, Emerald Sixth Form staff and students have continued with their education regardless.

A streamlined timetable was introduced to try to reduce the continuous screen-time online lessons would cause, with high expectations of independent study, consistent with the ethos of Emerald Sixth Form, in place from the beginning.

The participation of everybody concerned has been enthusiastic with positive outcomes for all. Of course we all miss the personal contact being at school means and we look forward to the day when we can all be together again.

But until then, stay calm and carry on!

Online A Level Maths Lesson.png

February 2020

Saint Valentine's Day...

The Day of Love is a key day at Emerald Sixth Form.


We enjoy dressing up in red and delivering personal messages in especially drawn cards. We love to have a break within our studying time to let others next to us know that we care and we enjoy sharing the same school.


Games and chocolates are a must!


February 2020

Visit to the Chocolate Factory...

On 6th February, it was as though Christmas had come whizzing back around the corner for the students in Year 10 and Year 11. We drove to the one and only chocolate factory in Mijas pueblo: The Mayan Monkey Chocolate Factory.

Arriving in the morning, we spent the day exploring their factory, learning about the history of chocolate and cocoa beans, observing the machines and equipment and, of course our favourite task, making our own fresh, customised chocolate.


While still considering hygiene, we made our own chocolate ourselves. Not just chocolate bars, but also fruit-dipped chocolate, bonbons and hot chocolate mix leftover! Personally, the entertaining part for me wasn't stuffing it in my mouth the instant it was ready. Instead I preferred being able to design it all to my personal taste, from the type of chocolate (milk, white or dark) to the toppings (dry fruits, nuts, even more chocolate...). They provided as much as our creative minds could think of!

In my opinion, this was a wonderful trip, in which the output made wasn't the only purpose of going, but also to discover more about the nutrient itself.



January 2020

French trip to Paris...

We at Emerald Sixth Form strongly encourage our students to visit the countries whose language they are learning. In this context our French teacher, with help from the Spanish teacher, organised a trip to Paris over 4 days to discover its streets, squares, monuments and of course its food. We went in January 2020 and we all brought back some wonderful memories.


How can we forget the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Versailles and of course the Louvre where Mona Lisa was waiting for us? 


The River Seine was just incredible to cross by boat from East to West and allowed us to discover its 37 bridges.


We took small group of Year 12 students and we stayed in the beautiful area of the Moulin Rouge, where we could explore Paris by night and day.


Our students felt quite at home and improved their French considerably.  I am sure they will all want to go back!



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