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Here you will learn a little more about what goes on at Emerald Sixth Form.

Past Events

April 2022

On Tuesday 12th April, all of Emerald's Science students spent the day at Castellar Zoo, an interactive animal sanctuary. 

Throughout the two-hour guided tour, students learnt about the numerous species they encountered, including several that were endangered and close to extinction.  They even got the chance to get close up to many of them; such as Mango the Lemur, Campion the Eagle, snakes, goats and many more. 

The students also gained insight into the importance of conservation and how zoo’s contribute largely to this.


We all say a huge thank you to Castellar Zoo and Anabelle, our guide, for making it such an interesting and educational trip.



October 2021

Fun & Games On The Beach For Halloween

The students of Emerald Sixth Form spent a couple of fun hours down on the beach just before the half term break. A competition was held with team and individual events, with a cash prize.

Among the fiercely-fought challenges were a tug of war, stop-start, dodge-ball and getting the marble in the cup.

It was a very close finish between Felixss and Karina, but the eventual winner, decided by cutting a deck of cards, was Karina.

May 2021

Surfing Trip to Conil

Surfing 2021