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In schools along the coast, class sizes can be 20-30 students.  Does this constitute private education?


Our education centre started with 5 students seven years ago and has grown steadily to 40 students. Our class sizes range from one-to-one lessons to a maximum of 10.


We focus on a more holistic approach to teaching; the welfare of the student is of paramount importance and we provide mentors to help students cope with the pressures of academic and social life.


Having been a university lecturer, I used to find that new students were often ill-equipped for university life, as they lacked basic research skills and self-motivation, both of which are essential to succeed in the university environment.


We try to ensure all students develop these skills.


We all have a responsibility to educate the next generation of informed citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and instilling in them a love of knowledge and culture for their own sake. But education is also about the practical business of ensuring that young people receive the preparation they need to secure a university place or a good job and a fulfilling career and have the resilience and moral character to overcome challenges and succeed.

AS and A level study is intended to encourage students to think for themselves and express their opinions. In order to achieve this, they need to carry out independent research on their subjects to expand their knowledge beyond the course book. Having lectured in university for many years, I am aware these are essential skills for university and working life.

Our school endeavours to provide this environment. In order to achieve this, we continually build on a good working relationship between the teachers, students and parents.

Our teaching staff bring a huge depth of international experience with them to Emerald. Their commitment and dedication makes us special and able to bring the very best out of each and every student in an environment unlike any other along the coast.

Paul O Reilly, Director

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