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At Emerald Sixth Form, we always welcome professionals from different backgrounds, who are willing to deliver special talks to our students.


These help them to widen their horizons towards different areas of knowledge and give them the opportunity to interact with individuals who have experience in the real world where they aim to fit in the future.

Pilar Carrasco, Entrepreneur and Life Coach

Pilar visited us to talk about how to present oneself in different contexts and keep a professional but comfortable attitude at all times.


She directed some exercises that led our students to feel more comfortable talking about themselves in front of other people, a very useful life skill.

Pilar talk.jpg

Miguel Ángel Camino: Actor, Playwright and Director

Miguel Ängel visited us to invite our students to a workshop on theatre and writing short texts, which were performed by them afterwards.


Participants enjoyed thoroughly the opportunity of "being somebody else" and they had a great time working with Miguel Ángel.

Miguel Ángel.jpg

Ezequiel Scarpini & Josefina Mateo, Creatives in Advertising Industry

They came Emerald Sixth Form to share with the students how being creative can actually get you a job.


Creative copywriting and art direction skills can develop your career in a creative industry. Having these young professionals in the school helped our students feel that they can reach their goals if they focus on them.

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