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Mentoring Programme

How does it work?


Mentors have private conversations with their mentees, where they talk about school matters, educational progress and personal issues, if the need. Mentees can request a meeting with their mentors, when they fell that they need to talk about any issues that are bothering them.  

Once a month, mentors meet together to discuss the issues that should be sorted out to help improve the learning experience for each student in the school.



Emerald Sixth Form is a school that represents a small and caring educational community. As such, we believe in a holistic approach to learning. As part of this educational spirit, we started the Mentoring Programme in 2018-19. 


What does mentoring mean?


Mentoring aims to build confidence, develop resilience and character, or raise aspiration, rather than to develop specific academic skills or knowledge.


Our special objective is to help our students through stressing situations or avoid them if possible and build up their self-confidence. 


After this meeting, a report is delivered to the teaching staff, with the information they need to help the students within classroom environment. The entire process works under strict rules of confidentiality. 


What have we achieved thanks to the Mentoring Programme during this time?


Thanks to the Programme, the school has built better interpersonal relationships at all levels. Students have gained in confidence and they feel heard, understood and more confident to talk to their teachers and peers.


Direct consequences have been:


  • avoiding misunderstandings and even bullying situations

  • tackling issues from a different perspective, a friendly, conversational one

  • a more mature approach to problem solving.

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