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Academic Resources

Here the students can find all manner of resources to help them with their lessons.

The following pages contain interactive text books for Maths IGCSE and Physics AS and A2 level.

Also there are revision guides for Units 1, 2 and 3 of the IGCSE ICTCourse with more resources being added all the time.

There are also sets of practice questions with answers, exam papers and video links.

Together these online resources, available from anywhere, make up an invaluable addition to the students' traditional books and handouts and they should take full advantage of them.

Y10 Maths thumb.png

Year 10 Maths

AS IAL Coursebook cover.png

Year 12 Physics

ICT Unit 1.png

ICT Unit 1- Digital Devices

Y11 Maths thumb.png

Year 11 Maths

A2 IAL Coursebook cover.png

Year 13 Physics

Unit 2 pdf thumb.png

ICT Unit 2 - Connectivity

Unit 3 pdf thumb.png

ICT Unit 3 - Operating Online

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