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The programme of AS level and A level is comprised of two year groups, Years 12 and 13.

Our students follow the A level curriculum to prepare them for Higher Education courses and Universities around the world. In terms of a students future career or university course, these are the two most important years.

Year 12 - AS level , allows students to test out subjects if they are unsure of what to study. It is recommended that students select 4 AS subjects. The AS level subjects carry points towards university entrance.

Year 13 - A level, it is recommended that students continue with  3 or 4 subjects at A level.


Success at A level inevitably leads to offers of places at good universities. The majority of students want to continue their education at university or college level when they finish school or they may want to start a career immediately. 


A-level study can give you the discipline to make a success of your university life or working career. Either way, this choice is very important and at Emerald Sixth Form, we want to help you make the right one.