Successful EDEXCEL International AS Level Language and Literature in English learners gain a foundation in lifelong language skills together with an understanding and enjoyment of literary texts, including

• the ability to write clearly, accurately, creatively and persuasively

• the ability to use appropriate styles and registers for different contexts and audiences

• the ability to analyse a variety of complex texts in a variety of forms and styles

• an understanding of language use to inform and persuade • skills in researching and managing information.

Key concepts The key concepts set out below offer ways to approach the study of Paper 2 Writing for Cambridge International AS Level Language and Literature in English. • By the features of imaginative writing, we mean the ingredients which may help to form different types of creative responses: for example, these may include aspects of structure (such as the opening to a short story) and particular linguistic skills and forms of expression (for example, establishing character and motivation; varying sentence structures; selecting effective vocabulary for different purposes).

• The features of persuasive and argumentative writing encompass the different techniques and devices employed in conveying points of view, exemplification and cohesive reasoning in different formats (for example, newspaper articles, magazine features, letters, diaries, scripted speeches) for different types of audiences (such as those based on age or interest).