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Mission Statement 

Our school is a private education centre, which offers an alternative to large mainstream schools.

Our aim is to provide an environment which is conducive to independent learning, in line with U.K. educational philosophy of constructivism and methodologies based on blended learning; a place where students are engaged and inspired.

As a multi-denominational, co-educational school, we encourage all our students to achieve their full potential, both educationally and personally.

We do this by creating a caring and happy environment, where our dedicated teachers can give expert, individual attention to all students, across the widest range of subjects available anywhere on the coast.


Most schools restrict a student's choice of subjects by placing them into option blocks. At Emerald Sixth Form, we focus on providing the subjects which the students want to study.

We have hugely experienced teachers from a range of international backgrounds, who can inspire our students to perform beyond their expectations in very small classes, normally 1 to 10 or often fewer.

Our students benefit from

  • constant academic mentoring​.

  • continuous pastoral care.

  • study skill seminars.

  • information literacy sessions.

  • extra English language from our TEFL teacher.

Day-to-Day Goings On, News & Events

February 2023

Year 10 Science students visit the Principia Centro de Ciencia in Málaga.

On Tuesday 21st February, Year 10 Science students went to the Museo Principia de Málaga. The guide showed and displayed very cool experiments in front of us. My favourite experiment was when he set salts and ethanol on fire to show the different colours. After

that we went into a planetarium and saw the sky of Malaga at day and night. We were then shown the museum's exhibits. We could use the equipment and test everything out.


Overall it was a great experience and we had a lot of fun.


By Althea and Yuli 


January 2023

At the end of January, Mr. Craig and Ms. Alex took a group of our students on a trip to Paris.

On our first day there, we visited the Eiffel Tower, where we got to see the amazing views of Paris from high up. Afterwards we went to the Louvre and managed to see the Mona Lisa, amongst the vast displays of famous works of art.

At the end of the day, we found a little cafe and had some "Virgin Mojitos", followed by dinner in a cosy Italian restaurant.

On the second day, we took the metro to the Museum of Modern Arts, where we visited the many different exhibitions and sculptures. Afterwards, we took a stroll down to Notre Dame for some photos. Then it was the metro to the Arc de Triomphe for more photos and we had some macarons at the famous Maison Ladurée.


All too soon, it was time to return to the hostel, pack our things and be ready for an early start for the journey home.