Mission Statement 

Our school is a private education centre, which offers an alternative to large mainstream schools.

Our aim is to provide an environment which is conducive to independent learning, in line with U.K. educational philosophy of constructivism and methodologies based on blended learning; a place where students are engaged and inspired.

As a multi-denominational, co-educational school, we encourage all our students to achieve their full potential, both educationally and personally.

We do this by creating a caring and happy environment, where our dedicated teachers can give expert, individual attention to all students, across the widest range of subjects available anywhere on the coast.


Most schools restrict a student's choice of subjects by placing them into option blocks. At Emerald Sixth Form, we focus on providing the subjects which the students want to study.

We have hugely experienced teachers from a range of international backgrounds, who can inspire our students to perform beyond their expectations in very small classes, normally 1 to 10 or often less.

Our students benefit from

  • constant academic mentoring​.

  • continuous pastoral care.

  • study skill seminars.

  • information literacy sessions.

  • extra English language from our TEFL teacher.

Day-to-Day Goings On, News & Events

21 December 2021

End Of Term Fun & Games

To finish the term with some festive fun, a number of Christmassy activities and competitions were organised by Claire, Craig, Charles M and others.

First was a cut-throat table-tennis competition, fiercely fought, but eventually won by Charles M.

This was followed by creative activities, involving making Christmas decorations out of recycled materials.

And downstairs was the tallest Christmas tree competition.

There were also some delicious cookies baked as well.

The students were dismissed at lunchtime to enjoy a well-earned Christmas break.


16 December 2021

Secret Santa.


Continuing our celebration of the festive season, the students enjoyed exchanging presents anonymously with a Secret Santa, after a pizza-fest at lunchtime.

Also, the prize for the best Christmas cake was awarded to Georgina, Natalie and Sofia. 


15 December 2021

Christmas came early for Emerald Sixth Form students.


To celebrate the festive season and the end of their mock exams, our students went to visit the wonderful Chocolate Factory in Mijas, where they learnt about the chocolate making process.

Each individual student and accompanying member of staff made their own selection of chocolate bonbons, chocolate bars and chocolate drinks, combining different types of chocolates with a wide range of fruity and sweet edible decorations. 

All left the chocolate factory with their own sweet creations and with their heads filled with sweet memories and the satisfaction of having learnt something new.

Emerald Sixth Form is thankful to all the staff at the Mijas Chocolate factory for such an exciting morning of fun and cooperative learning. 


25 November 2021


A beach clean of plastic was undertaken by our students today. Look how much they collected!


24 November 2021

Ecology & Self-sufficiency

Students having a chat today about ecosystems, nature and creating their own vegetable garden.. Lots of activities, students were engaged and interested!


28 October 2021

Fun & Games On The Beach For Halloween

The students of Emerald Sixth Form spent a couple of fun hours down on the beach. A competition was held with team and individual events, with a cash prize.

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19 October 2021

Psychology Students Have Inspirational Guest Speaker Via Zoom


24 September 2021

Charity Collection in Aid of Sierra Bermeja Fire Victims

Emerald students and their families generously donated all manner of items to help those severely affected by the horrendous forest fire, which ravaged the Sierra Bermeja region recently.

group photo.jpg


We are thrilled to announce our A Level & IGCSE results for 2021!

This is another outstanding set of results for our students in a very difficult year.



96%    Pass Rate  Grades A - E

88%    Grades A - C


100%  Pass Rate Grades A* - E

39%    Grades A* - A

86%    Grades A* - C


100%  Pass Rate Grades 9 - 4 

54%    Grades 9 - 7


26 May 2021

Spick and Span

Students taking responsibility for their beautiful school, doing some cleaning outside and maintaining the colourful flower pots, decorated by them earlier in the term.


25 May 2021

Surfing Trip to Conil

An end-of-year adventure for our students, surfing at Conil on the beautiful west coast.

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7 May 2021

Emerald Sixth Form Graduation 2021

Friday 7 May saw the students of Year 11 and 13 of Emerald Sixth Form graduating as the Class of 2021.

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23 April 2021

Today we're having a more creative lesson in Sociology, making posters about the factors that help us all to be successful in school and education.


26 March 2021

On Friday 26 March, our GCSE students were given a break from their studies to attend a different sort of lesson at a local pottery school. 

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Star Tests 2.jpg
Star Tests 3.jpg
Star Tests 1.jpg

11 March 2021

Students and teacher are attempting the Brenda Milner and Henry Molaison star tests, practised in early psychology research for memory.


11 January 2021

After the devastation of storm Filomena, a group of our students from Emerald Sixth Form carried out a beach clean in our local area.

We managed to fill three bin bags with an assortment of non biodegradable waste. It was shocking how much plastic and baby wipes we found in just a short stretch of beach.

The students even received a round of applause from members of the public!

Let's hope we can encourage more people from our community to do the same.

beach clean 1.jpg
beach clean 2.jpg
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