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Mission Statement 

Our school is a private education centre, which offers an alternative to large mainstream schools.

Our aim is to provide an environment which is conducive to independent learning, in line with U.K. educational philosophy of constructivism and methodologies based on blended learning; a place where students are engaged and inspired.

As a multi-denominational, co-educational school, we encourage all our students to achieve their full potential, both educationally and personally.

We do this by creating a caring and happy environment, where our dedicated teachers can give expert, individual attention to all students, across the widest range of subjects available anywhere on the coast.


Most schools restrict a student's choice of subjects by placing them into option blocks. At Emerald Sixth Form, we focus on providing the subjects which the students want to study.

We have hugely experienced teachers from a range of international backgrounds, who can inspire our students to perform beyond their expectations in very small classes, normally 1 to 10 or often fewer.

Our students benefit from

  • constant academic mentoring​.

  • continuous pastoral care.

  • study skill seminars.

  • information literacy sessions.

  • extra English language from our TEFL teacher.

Day-to-Day Goings On, News & Events


Year 11 and 13 student, with family and friends all gathered at the school for their Graduation Ceremony.

There were speeches by Head of GCSE, Craig Westwell and Head of Sixth Form, Claire Gaukrodger, who introduced Luca-Jane Doerfer, the recipient of the Dr. Louise O'Reilly Scholarship for 2021-2023.

Opening screen.jpg

Craig's Speech Good afternoon, parents, staff and students of Emerald Sixth Form. It is my great pleasure to speak to you this afternoon on the occasion of our Graduation for 2023. Today we celebrate the achievements and hard work of our Year 11 and 13 students as they begin the final stage of their journey – the exams! Students: for the past two years you have been pushed, cajoled and sometimes dragged kicking and screaming into working hard, but only because we, as staff, have had your success very much at heart and know you needed a good shove in the right direction in order to do your best. And do your best you have, laying the foundations you need on which to build your futures, whether that future lies in A Levels, University or the workplace. Under our guidance you have reached this stage in your lives with honour and integrity. Your teachers are proud of what you have achieved over the years, the way you have related to us, to each other and to the goals we have set for you. We know you have gained many of the skills you will need to make a success of the next stage in your lives. We know you will face many challenges in the years ahead, and we will not be there for you to fall back on. You have learned independence, self-reliance and how to care for each other too. As you leave here and go out into the big, wide world, take your memories and experiences with you, be grateful for the opportunities you have been given and be good ambassadors, not just of Emerald Sixth Form, but of your generation. Think big, aim high and strive to be the very best you can be at whatever you choose to do. Be kind, thoughtful, caring and generous of spirit. Look after yourselves, your family and friends and strangers too and above all care for your environment. This world is the only one you’ve got. Go out into it with confidence and make it yours.

Claire's Speech I've been fortunate enough to have taught this student for 4 years now. I'm sure that anyone who knows her will recognise how much she pours her heart and soul into her studies as well as how dedicated she is to helping the wider school community: from volunteering for fund-raising events, to tutoring and helping to mentor our younger students. Luca is a phenomenal person and in recognition of all of her efforts she was awarded the Dr. Louise O'Reilly scholarship to study A levels at Emerald Sixth Form. For those of you who are new to the school, Emerald Sixth Form was started by Paul and Louise O'Reilly back in 2016 with only 4 students. Since then it has grown to the community we have today of almost 40 students. In honour of our co-founder, the "Dr Louise O'Reilly Scholarship" was established.

Luca's speech For the past 4 years I have spent most of my days here, growing, learning and experiencing and it’s weird to think that soon I will be going my own way. Although I’m excited to step into my future, there are so many things I have enjoyed about this experience that it is a bittersweet goodbye. I know I won’t miss Amy telling me to “fix up”, Claire reminding me about dress code rules or Paul asking me to write a speech last minute but that’s what makes Emerald so unique. We all have diverse experiences that involve challenges and learning beyond the book. A prime example is some of Craig’s life advice I received after making a mistake. I’m not too sure which one as I have made a few, but it was “assumption is the mother of all fuck ups”. I have used this in many situations, and will continue to do so in my future. Thanks sir. My first few weeks here I felt overwhelmed by the care I received, especially from Amy. Turns out my mum had told her that I was socially awkward and you took your job as my mentor very seriously. My mum thanks you for that, and I thank you for your continued support and care over the past 4 years. And as for you Claire, I have the upmost respect for you, the time and energy you have dedicated to me personally and the school is second to none. Thank you, my experience wouldn’t have been the same without you. Paul, I would like to say a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to stay on to complete my A levels through the scholarship programme, I hope I have exceeded your expectations. From my own dysfunctional family to the Emerald dysfunctional family, you have helped me feel at home. To the year 11’s, if you continue your studies here I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, and if not, I wish you the best in your future. To my class, I hope you achieve all that you want for your future and more. Thank you.


February 2023

Year 10 Science students visit the Principia Centro de Ciencia in Málaga.

On Tuesday 21st February, Year 10 Science students went to the Museo Principia de Málaga. The guide showed and displayed very cool experiments in front of us. My favourite experiment was when he set salts and ethanol on fire to show the different colours. After

that we went into a planetarium and saw the sky of Malaga at day and night. We were then shown the museum's exhibits. We could use the equipment and test everything out.


Overall it was a great experience and we had a lot of fun.


By Althea and Yuli